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Managing Expenses


The Concur cloud application is used for booking travel as well as reconciling and submitting all travel and business expense reports.

Post-Travel Guide

Now that you have completed your travel, an expense report must be completed to reconcile the business expenses both on the University Travel Card and out of pocket expenses. Learn more in this guide.

Expense Reporting

Review this important information about submitting expenses, including the procedure for fiscal and calendar year-end expense report reconciliation as well as information pertaining to reimbursements for dependent care expenses.

Guide to Student Travel Booking and Expense Reporting

Review the processes for student travel bookings and expense reporting. This guide includes detailed information regarding student travel expenses where the University is paying 100% or a partial reimbursement as well as car rentals for students and frequently asked questions.

University Travel Card

The University Travel Card is the preferred payment method for all purchases of University travel, booking, or other business entertainment expenses. The Travel Card works in conjunction with Concur and Anthony Travel to provide you with convenient hassle-free Travel and Expense Management.


The P-card (purchasing card) is a supplemental purchase method for certain types of low-value, low-risk, or emergency purchases.