Post-Travel Guide

Welcome back! Now that you have completed your travel, an expense report must be completed to reconcile the business expenses both on the OneCard and out of pocket expenses. Please submit only one expense report per trip after your trip is completed. If you pre-pay for airfare, lodging, or registration, you may wish to reconcile those expenses on a single report before the trip. It is best practice to submit only one or two expense reports per trip.

If a delegate is completing your expense report, it is imperative that you inform your delegate when travel is complete, all receipt images are in the system or provided to the delegate, and all credit cards charges are available.

Expense Report


When the OneCard is utilized during travel, it can typically take anywhere from 3 to 8 business days for the charges to be imported in Concur. The expense report cannot be submitted until all the credit card charges have been made available in Concur. You will receive emails from Concur as Credit Card charges are added. As soon as the card charges are available, you can process your expense report.


Electronic receipts are required for most expenses and the system will prompt when receipts are required. If you have used the Concur Mobile app or ExpenseIt to capture receipts, those receipts will be in the Receipt Store and Available Expenses section respectively to add to or create an expense report. If you have and emailed receipts and have verified your email address in Concur, they can be forwarded to Emailed receipts will be added to the Receipt Store.  Otherwise, receipts can be manually uploaded from scanned or stored images into Concur. Note - receipts must be detailed and legible.


Your hotel invoice (or "folio") should be attached to your expense report.

Some vendors can provide and e-receipt and the receipt icon in Concur will denote when an e-receipt is provided.

Itemization is required for lodging expense types.  Itemization separates room rate from room taxes, and separates business expenses (like required internet service) from personal expenses (e.g. movies, dry-cleaning, and meals).


The University supports per diem meals as per the GSA guidelines. To apply per diem, create or import an itinerary into your expense report generate the Travel Allowance. Exclude any meals that were provided by an external source or if a group business meal was claimed in travel. Reasonable exclusions should also be taken for first and last day of travel based on your travel time.


If you drove to the airport, use Concur's Mileage Calculator to figure out your reimbursable miles.

Miscellaneous Out-of-Pocket Expenses

Remember to include miscellaneous out-of-pocket expenses such as metro tickets, parking, or shuttle transportation.

Expense Allocations

The account number at the report header can be used for the entire report.  If the report needs split between multiple General Ledger accounts, use Allocations to assign accounts (Details – Allocations).

Expense Report Details

Once your expense report is complete, click Details > Totals to verify the amounts due to the employee, due to the OneCard and any amount owed to the University by the employee. If you owe money to the University, please make a check payable the University of Pittsburgh and send to the Payment Processing department at 116 Atwood Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15260. Review the Travel and Expense User Guide for further details about expense reporting.