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Travel & Expense Management Newsletter

Travel & Expense Management newsletter is issued quarterly and includes updates and guidance related to traveling, booking travel, and managing expenses. Want to receive an email each time we publish the Travel & Expense Management newsletter? Sign up here.

Past Newsletters:

Travel & Expense Management Lunch & Learn Sessions

The Travel & Expense Management Lunch & Learn series is held quarterly on Zoom to review important information and training topics related to the travel and expense management program. These sessions cover frequently asked questions for payment processing, the Concur system, and travel topics, concluding with a question and answer period. 

Zoom recordings and presentation slides are available following each session:

Return To Travel Series

Purchase, Pay & Travel hosted a virtual Return to Travel Series from September 2021 through March 2022. The goal of this virtual series was to provide information and resources to ensure a smooth transition as many University staff and faculty members begin returning to travel. Visit this page for more information about the series, including slide decks and zoom recordings from each session